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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


i snorted baking soda mistaking it for cocaine. made me hop down the street like a cat on hot tin roof. this was going to haunt me
You can't hop around and not relive bad memories. You have to remember. Get over it. No wonder the cake didn't rise to the occasion.
She hopscotched through many shops for the ultimate dress. She couldn't bear an other "can't be seen dead in the same dress as hers"
Xmas: She'd bake, the girls would skip, while he'd ruminate. Occasional sounds of cheer would be required of him, of course. Tralala.
from (baking powder) NaHCO3 to C4 was decidedly a leap of faith for the ex chef. his failed marriages cannot be faulted.
Over and over and over again the sound smell taste touch tear at her heart. She fears a whisper, fizzes at the thought of a glance.
Laying on military hospital cot he was trying to scratch out the hopscotch course in the dirt of war crimes.
She still has flashbacks. Of the day she took a leap of faith. And tried a low-fat, sugar-free, organic muffin at Starbucks.

Cousin Achmet, stop drinking Hopscotch and get your wife out my kitchen. She is giving me pre-PTSD.
thanks prompts: PTSD; baking powder; hopscotch. tagging for prev anthos here
In OBL's diaries, a draft plot to put gun powder in Betty Crockers was crossed out. He realised the lameness of killing bad chefs.
prompts: PTSD; baking powder; hopscotch tagging for (no pun intended) ;)


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