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Monday, December 10, 2012


"shiver me timbers and blow me down!" shouted Redbeard "which one of you landlubbers stole my rum!?" the deck fell silent
And vice versa. ": when the drugs stopped working, he turned to faith"
honour is intrinsic - it can neither be shattered with a single crack nor carried on the breeze - but it can be corrupted.
when the drugs stopped working, he turned to faith
freezing in a tavern, waiting for Rumpulstiltskin to come ask me my name.
true story: the beard who was blown away by veena on tv has a penchant for vodka acc. to some friends,
"I can teach how to bottle fame, blow air, even trim your beard, if you aren't a big bunch of dunderheads." (Snape quote, 1st draft)
The drunkard didn't have the courage to beard the talking vodka bottle, which was now blowing cigar puffs mockingly onto his face
Everything was falling apart. His job. Marriage. Faith. And now his bowel which, like the shampoo bottle, only squished air.
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After he'd been on the bottle, he belligerently blew the dust of his thoughts. He then shaved. Le Carre loved neatness in mind/body.
His life fell away from his bones.
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