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Sunday, September 28, 2014

TS - Twitter Stories

By great demand from twitteratis (well, all three of them) we are re-starting the TS series - the twitter version of flash fiction.

Three numbered prompts will be posted. You weave a twitter story around them. The prompter also tags another person for the next prompts. If that person is unable to provide the next set of prompts, s/he will tag another one...this way the twitter series continues.

We will begin this series with three prompts for #TS724.  Your submission should include #TS724 (or whatever the current number is.) When we move to the next number, all the previous contributions are gathered and placed here:

Here are two links from the past to give you some idea of what to expect.



Queries and suggestions welcome:)

Sunday, December 08, 2013


  1. : : after the fajr azaan the muezzin had steaming tea and 'qawwam' laced paan before descending the minaret
  2. displaying his wild side, the good Reverend allowed a harp to be played at the Annual Tea
  3. Pan chewed on a stalk While Krishna swallowed tea. The leaves stumbled down.
  4. Prompts for : tea, spire, Pan. Tagging for



  1. Fish curry, feni, prayers and susegad was an everyday thing for us Goans. It's the Goras who brought in the TGIF concept.
  2. Fridays, he missed the curve of her spine, the way she would back into his chest and fit herself in his matchbox of a bed
  3. Fishy place for some good fish on Friday followed by great nuts. ;)
  4. friday checklist: -cashews -chilli chips -non alcoholic beer we'll soon be denizens of the talibanesque pakistan. haina?
  5. it wasn't that Man Friday didn't have the space, it was just that Crusoe was a complete nut.
  6. Prompts for : cashew, sardine, Friday. Pls RT.
  7. we're on today : promts for emprise, Invictus, December tagging for
  8. thanks : Prompts for : cashew, sardine, Friday.Tagging the piscean for prompts.