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Thursday, December 06, 2012


"You're throwing up? You think... Could you... Was it... me?" Phataaak!
who wrote this on the blackboard 'it,at, bit, bat, sit, sat. dis, dat.?' not me.
'How could have I done that...', she screamed when she saw the puddle of blood around his corpse. It wasn't me!It wasn't me!She cried
grammar is a many exception'ed monster, laying in wait to make us fail
I looked into the mirror and quickly closed my eyes. Those eyes, they had changed. It wasn't me, anymore.
"I disappeared up my own ass a long time back," he explained to the judge. He was hanged by his ass.
I was indescribable. It had taken a lifetime. Yet, I remembered.
Three words cast a net in which both were caught. He to take them back, she to remember their sting.

thanks Prompt for : It. Wasn't. Me. And for , the intriguing , please. prev.anthos at
It wasn't me / he had the key / they checked to see / the house was empty.
"That? THAT'S my shadow?" he gasped. "It's a mirror," the doc replied, now truly worried. Clearly, brain-remapping needed more study.


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