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Wednesday, December 05, 2012


He wanted to leave the office but was cornered.D story abt taliban's threat was a lie.His dream to head d news agency came to an end.
"So you cornered me by taking my son Draco? Dream on, Voldy" "No Lucius. I didn't" "Such lies, Voldy. And you don't even have a nose"
dreams of freedom / crushed by khakidom / when we rebelled / curse of jehalat / spelled its diktat
Even in his dreams, when he was asked "boxers or briefs?" and he'd say briefs, his nose grew and grew.

she dreamt of spaces,corners,turns/of dying lies & false concerns/ I dreamt of love & passions,free/ I dreamt of her,she dreamt of me
She continued to sob, but her innerself smirked, in full control. Little did he know he was about to face his worst nightmare.
The weak tendril snapped like a raw emotion, washed away, flailing unabated, upon the alluvial detritus of unclaimed fantasies.
And when it was morning, it was discovered that the captured unicorn was actually a mule. "Off with their heads!" hollered the Queen.
I once knew a man who engineered a disastrous life. Some say he understood the outcome, that he invited it.
The hurt abandoned dream cornered me in the darkest alley of my mind and whispered, "Enough of this mendacity!....I am leaving"

: Put up a dream. And now I've been cornered, my mendacity about to be exposed! "For , , you are it." Gulp.
Prompts for dream, cornered, mendacity. For , , you are it.


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