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Saturday, December 08, 2012


misused the autonomy / now victims / were in pain / seeking forgiveness was another liberty they had.
A lifetime later and still she could not understand where she went wrong. She survived. That was punishment enough for him.
Dream every night, shouting at Chacaji. He's old; beyond my rage and pain. Wake up and immediately forgive. I'm grown up,autonomous.

prompts reminded me of browning: good to forgive / best to forget / living we fret / dying we live
Painful memories are not weeds that you can just pluck out easily and throw away. You do not have the autonomy to forgive sometimes.
she suffered his pain in its many manifestations. her understanding so much deeper than his cutting ever could be
at Madame Lash's there was no autonomy, only anonymity
Sadly, it's not the times anymore when you'd turn the other cheek to mistreatment. The others are evil now and bind us in chains.
I'd given him too much freedom. He became a sore pain in the ass. And when he demanded my car, I knew I couldn't forgive him ever
"Freedom has another name," thought the swallow as it dived in an attempt to swim.
I forgave myself as I placed the knife back in its holder - his chest.
They had caused Him pain but he chose to forgive them. So He gave them Free Will and let them punish themselves instead.
Prompts for : Autonomy; pain; forgiveness. Do story?
circle of life: cut, join, cut, join / umbilical cord / mangal sut'r / (nikahnama) / separation / forgiving / forgetting
"Mem, please no shout here. I relax you. See? Less prassure I do. No shout, ok?" First time at the spa.
thanks prompts: autonomy, pain, forgiveness. I tag for . thanks also dur for :)


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