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Sunday, December 02, 2012


It's awkward when you put dis in that, and dat in this. Instead, put dis in here and dat in there, and no one will ever complain.
"That's not the disinfectant, you dolt! That's liquid nitrogen & now everything you've been spraying at will disintegrate!"
A whiff or two (or so she calculated) of spirit later, the room looked violet, the stars shone green.
"Disintegrate," said the Lord and all fell apart.
"Think of a word," he said, because he liked games. "Now spit in my face." The rules were simple. No truth and no promises.
Prompt for from : any three words beginning with 'disin'. Pls RT.
the simpleton withdrew her money just before the market fell apart
disinhibition and disinfectant are highly recommended when disinterring
the isloo ulloo (our baghdad bob) has to be admired for the way he disingenuously spreads disinformation so disinterestedly.
prompts - any three words beginning with "disin.......". tagging for . previ. anthos here


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