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Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Had he halted his high-handed "Hello" half an hour ago, he wouldn't have hurled himself into a humbug
"Purpose of visit?", the border official questioned. "Huh...huh...her", the smitten Nigerian prince stuttered.
The words came hurling through her mouth, but there was no sound. Emotions halted; she'd been mind-hoaxed.
each day3 prompts are given. folks weave a short short story around it. today we're on . check out
She spent the weekend recovering from Friday's revels. By Tuesday clarity would set in. The end.
thanks . Prompts for on Monday: " Hurl. Halt. Hoax. " pls. tag for . prev. anthos here

"Oh stop, would you?" She smiled coyly and pushed him away. She certainly did not want him to.
The halt and the blind went to the archaeologists. "The Piltdown man was not a hoax!" they cried, hurling small pickaxes at them.


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