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Monday, December 03, 2012


spring, summer, fall, winter a coming / those idle moments spent with you / are not coming back, ever returning...#TS360

#TS360 There comes a sorrow so despairing it renders reckless all our deeds, thy stormy winds that seek my candle I hath burning with dismay

#TS360 Empty jar of cookies & peanuts stared at'em."Lets join the gym as winter is coming"they concluded after d brain storming & munching.Details

#TS360 Waiting for a kind soul at the station.Often repeating "Help,winter is coming" as the people passed by.He lay there silent at lastDetails

It was time of the year for the boy of ten to redeem himself; he had an eye on a wooden train set and Santa was sure to visit. #TS360Details

Prompt for #TS360 "winter is coming" Tagging @ChachiChatters for #TS361 on Monday. @temporal3 @firuzap @HawkesBay @awaisathar @lahorigori


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