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Friday, November 30, 2012


"Sir ji, everything is written in their secret book", the conspiracy theorist said high on adrenaline. "You can see it online!"
'In the ancient times, lords kept their head mistresses in their underground libraries.' She said this, as she cuffed him in the den.
'I like my figureheads like I like my liquor: strong and stiff'- General J, patting Prez L on the crotch before taking oath as CMLA.
As they sat there in between "Sci-Fi" and "Self Help", he greedily drank in the moment. Like it wasn't his. Like it wouldn't last.
"I came. I drank. I stole." - said no Pakistani politician in power ever
Eat, Drink, Steal - i would have read that
Unable to contain herself, Hermione finally stole all the books, hid them in Dumbledore's office and guzzled Butterbeer till dawn.
Stealing books, stealing ideas, stealing glory as they toasted him at the academy of letters, he smiled.
The Strange Case in which Dr. Jekyll stole the book and Mr. Hyde drank the wine.
The perks of having a double mastectomy;she had no titties but could sneak away the pocket bibles from church and sell them for booze
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He was a writer in name only. It was the smell of paper he loved. And the taste.

the study smelled of cigars and port. famous author's advise to the rookie reporter, ' square meal, a book and some sex.'
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