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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It always starts with voddie martinis for brekkie. And then before you know it, those olives are all that lie between you and death.
There was purpose in all that he did. Even in his choice of parachute. In control till the end.
"I feel like it's need more than desire / I feel all my senses are on fire / I feel, I feel and you know why" ... the cruel sea
Blinded by its raging passion, the moth dived into the flickering flame. Such is the end of all love stories.
"Aha!" said Dennis Quaid-e-Azam "why don't y'all on the left move on over thissaway & y'all on the right scoot up over thattaway"
shaadi: what some call matrimonial bliss, others describe as the epitome of single's self destruction. i am ambivalent.
She saw his TS and swooned. That was her doom.
from romance is dead: "And once again You’re the epitome of pure self destruction."
"Destruction be to those who are not the epitome of self-sacrifice!", said the cleric as he walked back to his air-conditioned car. .
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She put stories between herself and the world, hoping to buy protection. The further she went, the more pointless rescue became.
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"I am the epitome of beauty, just look at me!" Dorian Gray announced as he finally looked at the exceptional painting of himself.
Mesdames et Messieurs!! J'ai l'honneur de vous présenter Monsieur
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