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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Blow up, be torn apart, burn to a crisp, it was all the same to him. Death was never far from his thoughts. The rest was irrelevant.

The poor will still be beaten, not the rich. Petrol will still run cars, not water. Don't think otherwise. It's a sad world
Vin Diesel, Yul Brynner and Telly Savalas walk into a hair saloon....that is all.
Sick of his perpetual taunts, she took his pet parrot, wrung its neck, doused it in petrol, and served it for dinner: L'oiseau Flambé
They clicked a ticker to her, blind folded her and gave her a bat. Her hysteria acted as a bomb in the mall. No ammo was used.
Break open the paper star or the mule and gasoline shall rain upon you always - Unknown Spanish proverb found on Forever Fossils game
The Shell pump staff dressed the pumps like pinatas to taunt the continuous lines of CNG faithful pushing their cars down the street
The carbon footprint bothered her, almost constantly, yet not as profoundly as the imprint of bad birthdays as a kid!
10 years on, the sweet nothing's were like piñata without candy, a vehicle without petrol. Perpetually running on empty.
. wish i was at the esso chairman's bash at the boat club. heard ms pinata popped out of the &out
thanks prompts: petrol; perpetual; pinata tagging for prev anthos here
It was a perfect plot. Perpetually increasing petrol prices made no difference to the poor but was pure profit for the people's rep.
Perpetual Party: hit a piñata, find a Molotov cocktail! it just got Fun!


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