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Monday, November 26, 2012


“Before I tell you the answer,” said Deep Thought, furtively darting in C++. “Tell me, Douglas Adams wrote Psy-fi, right?”
the short answer to everything in the universe these days is Gangnam Style
He turned 42, his magic number, the age when everything was supposed to change, and broke into a rapturous dance. People looked away.
So all 'Agencies' covered their faces with a towel and proceeded to launch the operation against the ravenous Taliban O gangnam style
In a single glance, the sage understood his audience and instead of revealing the meaning to life, started performing gangnam style.
The Koreans also taught the world 42 ways to wink- YouTube couldn't capture those.
A single glance could be more meaningful than a thousand words.

 flash ignition / hitchhiker's guide / looking for the / meaning of life / six times seven / lovers whirling
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Zaphod's Improbability Drive gave up on life after a single glimpse at Gangham Style
the stroke of an eye / the hint of a smile / an intake of breath / a flood of possibilities
Adams points to humans' appreciation of the absurd as worth preserving, though he supports project Earthkill for Intergalactic 42.
So they all went out on the streets and danced to invoke God or whatever up there. "Happy planet," God said, pleased with himself.
When she was older she could tell with a single glance the true step, the false move.

A glance at the recent Youtube trends brings to mind a disturbing thought: Is Gangnam Style the answer to life, universe, everything?
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