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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Alas. She didn't realize that when he asked her to paint the town red, he didn't mean it literally.

Press Ad: "Lady Macbeth Liquid Soap"~ Wash your hands clean of everything! Removes the toughest crime stains. Available in red color. 

@monazzilla @lahorigori no amount of balsam hand wash, nor yelling allah-hu would clean the blood off yahoo saeed's hands #TS352
i eat from the table of reason and drink from the fountain of passion
Hoist adrift in thoughts that be-smirked a hand devine, he offered once his soul and got these anodynes.
The betrayal he imagined never occurred. Instead she built a world in which he did not exist.

Today's prompt: "no, my hands will rather make the seas incarnadine"


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