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Thursday, December 13, 2012


the Jesuit priest thought long and hard before removing the hip movement from the official genuflection manual
given the complexity, spelling errors are common in the world of science
Did I read the prompts wrong? Wasn't it about the comic genius at the Hadron collider who died in a fit of giggles?
said the Black Hole to the Star, there is no wiggle room when you enter me
the way to make wiggles more exciting is to divide them into infinite sub-wiggles
Hardon? Not hard-on? *shrivels with embarrassment*
thanks prompts for cosmic, wiggle, & hardon. prev. anthos here . any volunteers for next one?
fanny may, or may not, daisy the miller with a molly of bovary vine.
At the nations Large Hardon Collider we boast a water-kit, a tsunami in a tea cup, a photo-kinetic beard and anti-gravity mustaches
Venus keeps precessing,Andromeda is blue-shifted. Houston we have a problem. Houston!!!. Shh..Houston is with Mars, Cain is for Delta
Excite me, she wanted to say. Instead she closed her eyes and went in search of another universe.
And then, one day, Atlas shrugged. Well, no. It was more than just a shrug.

Marty wiggled into his suit. "Bet we'll disturb the space-time continuum. It's hard." "You just have to turn off the iron," said Doc
It was the usual science class but the moment will last a century.It was now teacher's turn to write 12:12 on 12.12.12.


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