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Friday, November 23, 2012


wrong.wrong.wrong. addidas did not sponsor mad max's dubbing into american english, said barbie gibson.
“Jesus Christ, mate,” he said passionately, as she melted plastic on his forehead, waking him up from his all-day dream about sports.
he approved. her shoes were german
And we rarely make make our selections based on commonsense. Let me explain.....
Life is full of tough choices. Sneakers or Derbys? Hourglass figure or healthy curves? Paper or plastic? Charmer or asshole?
I step lightly now that life has toyed with me and decided that one mad man lasts a lifetime.
Prompts for from the one and only : Adidas, Barbie, Mel Gibson. Pls RT.
Killer gear: Check. Trophy wife: Check. Not be an asshole: Oh. 

Her love for Aussie hunks lost out to her contempt for men who wore sneakers with their suits. That was, like, a total deal-breaker. 

Matel Heiress married the Texan and made him Inc. CFO not knowing KKK sensibilities. CNN broke the story and the stocks plummeted. 

thinking he'd made the big time, the struggling Australian actor was horrified to find himself advertising the Adonis hotline 

Barbie is Max Maxine - a psycho blow-up doll on energiser batteries 

prompts are Adidas, Barbie, Mel Gibson. Tagging the elusive for


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