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Sunday, November 11, 2012


men are so easy to please, eve thought. ed was in heaven with his redskins superball victories dvd.
on the night before the day after, the drums of war ended before the world started
Watching "wei de waarheid zegt moet dood" her skin felt cold, like the lifeless disc. Outside, the eve was as bleak as her dull eyes.
Despite watching 'All About Eve' repeatedly to prepare for his wedding night, Farhan was at a complete loss when the time came.
inside the DVD of "the indigo rose of cyberry", adam and dark eve, wore skin, felt pain...
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on the eve of her wedding, Sara played the DVD the man had sent again and again, her skin crawled remembering it all.
in the optical illusion called life, exploring all the senses is the only path to knowledge
Undressed, Eve was all skin & bones, with disc-like breasts. "You must eat something!" he was aghast. "Let me start with the apple."
The 54th universe existed on track 3 sector 5 of a DVD of infinite radius. Only one book existed in it: "How to skin a snake" by Eve.
her psoriasis glowed like Rudolph's nose in 3D
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When the night is overcome you may rise to find the sun/Believe and you will find your way/A promise lives within you now
She flashed a pair of immaculately flossed dentures inquiring about the largest organ in the body. He hissed and started shedding
You're just a bitter ghost of someone I knew. It makes my skin crawl in the empty, cold night.Yet I replay every word,gesture,smile.
New yr's eve they wtchd movie at home instead of theatre.last yr's fire left scars on d skin as well as d soul.A snake crawled nearby
As he snatched the DVD,the skin showed bruises.A collection of all her childhood videos.The last b'day before he was sent away.Mad.
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