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Friday, November 02, 2012


That relentless hollow dent in the trust rips me apart as I am swallowed by that horrific serpent of fear & insecurity
Hell bent to live his dreams, only saw them shatter as his dad went into a coma ravaging all outlets to vent his youthful fears
Confinement of the soul is a bitter predicament. How many fall a prey to it while striving for fulfilment.
Never meant to misrepresent.This paparazzi repents. You're magnificent, that much is evident. Would you autograph the photos I sent?
The ferment in her soul is no accident. Every year in the cage she put a few illusions out to die. A life was lost. She can't repent.
it was evident that wanted to make a statement, what could i do but humbly pay the rent...

repent to cement contentment in your life
'you're impertinent, despondent, ambivalent, violent and impotent. goodbye,' she wrote
any sacrament with a bent priest is abhorrent
without consent, the experiment went awry. it made no dent in their relationship.

stepping in. prompt for - chose three words ending in "...ent" (eg dent, went..) tagging to provide prompts for .


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