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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


every autumn the crunch of the leaves reminded him of a separate world. a life so far away he didn't even know if it had happened
The autumn eve repairs, / a yellowing book relieves / the thoughts that faith ensnares / in the smell of burning leaves.
Despite the foreboding that all was going to implode, they clung. To separate and go their sensible ways was now impossible.
dappled light showing / my soul and thoughts together / indivisible
genuine separation of powers is a fantasy grown by theoretical idealists
No use retelling you the "Eats shoots & leaves" joke. The pandas had a fight and separated. Life is that real. All else is a dream.
he'd exhausted all his leaves of absence. he quit to mourn. living, he could not follow her.
In her dreams, sunlight floated over spring breeze. In her wakefulness, autumn leaves smelt of separation.Ah sleep,the final frontier
You could find life in a pile of extra crunchy, fiery leaves, or in biting into a big, loudly red apple. I find life in a wet dream.
The garden was the first to suffer. He thought her remains would help it bloom. When old friendships are dismembered, nothing grows.
i'm a leaf / had dreams / of traveling / of falling in love / the storm blew me / earth will swallow me / see you in the spring
I am leaving you. We are separating. Permanently. This is NOT a dream. *leaves*
Prompts for from : leaves, separation, dream. Pls RT.
thanks prompts: leaves; separation; dream. I tag for prev antho. here
Thank you. prompts: leaves; separation; dream. I tag for & hope she’ll inspire instead of teaching. :)


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