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Saturday, November 10, 2012


croaking with ecstasy, in the back seat of the beetle, wearing a $5.99 superman t shirt, he was delirious
"Kiss me O fair maiden & I'll turn into a superman!" the frog said. "Don't effing think so," she mused, having stewed frog for dinner
"I would rather sleep with a toad," she thought, looking at his feet. Without justification, a superhero is just a degenerate.

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'You have no idea, Caped Crusader' she said, unbuckling his utility belt. 'Making love to him is like being kneed by a frog.'
Superman became suspicious of her.Only turned out it was her pet frog she wrote songs about.Shame drove him to oversleep.
Prompts for : superman, cuckold, frog. Tagging for Take it away, brain doctor.


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