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Saturday, November 03, 2012


it was a determined bullet. it went round, around, under, over before going through the body. wallah justice warren
humanity scavenges on the scraps of immediate gain, while the third eye withers on the fringe
close, so close it lingered, tantalising borders marred by a lack of choice
Encircled by a mob of deadheads, he converted of 'his own volition.'
Google is for work. Big words too. Unless you already know them. In which case, well done you.
Prompts for from : fringent, volitient, marcescent. Pls RT.
the fasting boy's parents thought he had the will. in the late afternoon the boy, drained, stared at the iftar goodies.
thanks : prompts for . Fringent, Volitient, marcescent. previous stories here pls tag someone for


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