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Monday, November 05, 2012


Plagued with financial exigencies, Mr Micawber deserted his family to become a pirate, piling up wealth, but eroding away morality
Heard macabre tales of war & plague/during riots ppl pillaged stores deserted by their owners/killings/witnessed erosion of humanity.
'I am Ozymandias, King of Kings. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.'
If someone gets to that cheese grater at the Thanksgiving sale before me,that'll be the end of it.I will find her,and I will kill her
it was- 27 outside. he added more logs. the fireflies were fighting in the flames to have the last dance with the queen
Picking his way through the storm loot, he found a salt-worn vase, and then--a girl in velvet, her limbs arranged oddly on the sand.
They spoke of a town that was plundered and left to burn. Its finest watchmaker and his wife rose from the ashes for one last dance.
: truth stranger than fiction: moth eaten bank notes worth millions found under nizam's mattress
literature of the macabre has seen a steady decline in quality since Poe's time. tho the pilfering of ideas continues
"All this is due to our moral erosion",he spluttered,tearing a leg off the roast chicken. The bone heap in his plate kept on rising.
Breaking News: scientists find 70% of terrestrial earth to be supported by garbage piles
thanks Prompts for are macabre, pillage and erosion. Passing the baton to for
Thanks mates! Prompts for are macabre, pillage and erosion. Passing the baton to for


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