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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


The esteemed journalist with extreme savior complex looked wearily at the Hypoglycemic faces, then he vented another fart.
at rehmat e shireen, the salesperson pointing to identical trays said, 'this qalaqand is sugarfree and the other one is not.'
Lady GaGa visiting Assange for five and a half hours. Jury is out on who is the real tart.
the decoy's stiletto and erstaz smile was so apparent, nobody picked him up.
Something about her sugary sweetness didn't ring true. When he came to in the middle of the night, gagged and bound, he understood.
The tart was large enough for two. We sang high-pitched notes and cycled into the rising sun.
'Tis her sweetness that's become tyranny, keeps him down... captive even under the open sky; what a cross to bear for a fugitive.
The sunshine wasn't sweet enough; the meringue shone bright.
"the jam tarts, oh really, nutra sweet? couldn't tell the difference. in that case i'll have another, thank you very much!"
Was it love or guilt that destroyed his mind? The Uzbek did not care. Her sugar was poison.
Your acid green highlights contradicted your sweet tone.I wish i was in love with the idea of you, but 

'not a child, not quite a woman', sang Maria, gyrating round the kitchen. daddy really shouldn't have hidden the packet in the pantry
while the streetwalker had long legs and a sweet smile, the adam's apple was unequivocal
thanks prompts for saccharine, tart, ambiguous tag for prev. antho. here


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