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Thursday, April 11, 2013


  1. She was holding out for a hero, with grace under pressure? The groom is a toad!
  2. both mr amin and mr sadiq loved ms aeen(a). subterranean emotional tussle caused many a tsunami. everyone lost. mr. statusquo won.
  3. : in the court the apparent calmness of the judge and the general betrayed an inner rustle and delight in other's discomfort
  4. mere dard ko Jo zubaan mile/mujhe apna naam o nishaan mile
  5. aur kuch dair mein mere tanha dil ki/ fikr a le gi k tanhaee ka kya chara karain, dard aae ga liye surkh chiraagh
  6. dard itna tha k us se bhi guzarna chaha / mgr yeh dil tha k thehrna na chaha
  7. his imperturbability to her shattered being was it a epicaricacy- a gloating or her schizophrenia
  8. Keeps her composure Wears the frilly ruffles Makes a grand entry Trips down the stairs Much to his amusement Wicked delight of many
  9. prompts for sangfroid, schadenfreude, froufrou. tagging for . prev. anthos here pls. RT


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