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Tuesday, April 09, 2013


  1. Nicolas Flamel enjoyed the occasional drink or two with his buddies. But to me, it seemed, all he wanted to do, was die.
  2. "Vodka gave me buzz. Pot got me low. Maybe the ought to make a weed mixer that makes me just okay." And then he was a billionaire.
  3. It was temptation that brought his life to a staggering halt. All was drenched in the blood of want. Chocoholics are scary.
  4. s l o w 
    slow melt 
    melt down 
    down - up 
    up - down 
    oh the ex ex ex 
    of virgin margaritas
  5. No need, either. Prevention is better than cure! ": She was oblivious to his desire. No cure for apathy. "
  6. She was oblivious to his desire. No cure for apathy.
  7. She was lost, no will to live. She was angry, she was misunderstood . No magic potion, no words of caution. Death was staring at her.
  8. with shining hearts / and notions fair / the knights templar / did plunder there
  9. hey!!!! Sad life, was stuck at work. You did, want to do the nadia? Or should I?
  10. temple grandin, elixir, temptation. tagging for RT plz


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