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Sunday, April 07, 2013


  1. thanks ya'all for contributing to with wonderful submissions
  2. Life throws its cruel colors and everything gets muddled up; books are an escape to fantasy, while change is an escape to reality.
  3. the colors bleed into one. It's all twilight now and the pages are yellowed. Remembering the prime is a steep slope & falls aplenty.
  4. He's changing his ways like a chameleon. Only his writings will remain with her. She's steeled herself & will work with greys.
  5. if tears were paint & cuts were candy / what sweet life art would make
  6. paint your path / for time moves fast / the changing wind / won't keep the past
  7. The words she wrote changed her. The walls she left behind still breathe. | RT
  8. Her charm has prevailed over time. They call her Aphrodite.
  9. she found it; not in books, nor in science, but in the million minor collisions that occur every day
  10. his study of her body was abruptly interrupted. promise turned to disappointment, rapidly drying on her stomach
  11. erudite he was not ... with vacuity being prodigious .. she just smiled and redid the colors ...
  12. Bullet frescoesed a red patch on his chest closed his chapter in life's book metamorphde him from realm of physical to the spiritual
  13. The words she wrote changed her. The walls she left behind still breathe.
  14. Prompts for from : books, metamorphosis, frescoes. Pls RT.
  15. the abandoned allies were his Sistine chapel. Alas! The graffiti artist would not be mentioned in history books.
  16. Do you really need a scripture to define your faith? Look at the timeless strength of mine - love embodied in these murals.
  17. : after the fifth laphroaig, the lady in red emerged out of the fresco to grace the stool beside me. ;)
  18. She applied the fresco filter to all her Italy pics, completely changing them. She'd read abt it in the Photoshop for Dummies book.
  19. Staring at these circles, endless lines that flow. Like hamsters stuck in limbo. I know I am the full stop. And you're my apostrophe.
  20. "Has it only been a lifetime? There is so much to know, feel and love." The Hipster did have an epic epitaph.
  21. Monet saw the sunset and sunrise in the same night, dissolving into one. No one could match this definition of love.
  22. Nuskha e haye wafa. Kuch nahee badla. I scoff. Kab badaltey hain log. Kitabi log. Kitabi baatain.
  23. I used to spend hours searching for the right books, books that could change my life. Now I wait in line. 94, tired and cancerous.
  24. Juliet's diary was sad. "You live you die. You love you sigh. Pie, cry, sigh, why." Romeo's was worse: "Juliet is pmsing."
  25. These filters in my visions, whistles in my ears. Flowers on the dance floor, strewn like my fears. Can you feel the love tonight?
  26. Pictures can be tainted. Houses can be changed. Life can be rewritten when sane men become deranged.
  27. At the very entrance of Chigi chapel, an ironic realization hit him. Man hadn't really evolved much since the age of Angels & Demons.


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