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Friday, April 05, 2013

MAJ vs. RO


RO: Tashreef rakhiyay,
MAJ: What did you say?
RO: I say sit down.
MAJ: You could do with some manners, young man.
RO: Please sit down,
MAJ:Thank you.
RO: You married a Parsi.
MAJ: Yes, I did?
RO: She is not ahl e kitaab.
MAJ: Ahl e kitaab?
RO: People of the Book.
MAJ: Oh, how do you know?
RO: Only Christians & Jews are people of the Book.
MAJ: And He sent 124,000 messengers?
RO: You love dogs.
MAJ: You love donkeys.
RO: You drink.
MAJ: Have you read Imam Abu Hanifa young man?
RO: You usurped executive powers.
MAJ: I created this country.
RO: You are clean shaved. Your application is turned down.


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