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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


  1. in my family, we all (th)ink. It's really annoying
  2. Her 2nd cousin, thrice removed. His son's uncle by marriage. Related through a 3rd-gen aunt.Try putting that into the family tree.
  3. she wondered often what was it that annoyed her in her children? cursed by a lesser god she remained clueless
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  4.  timeless advise: 

     marry a professional 
    he'll buy a de boer 
    marry a poet/artist 
    he'll draw a diamond 
    with words/ brush
  5. thanks : Prompts for - ink, ilk, irk. Tagging for prev anthos here:
  6. They're like inkblots. Familiar, yet strange. I see them, their actions, find a pattern, only end up knowing a bit more about myself.
  7. Fried calamari was the family dinner quirk, and removing the ink sacs was her per peeve
  8. Late one moonless night. Behind the veil,beyond mortal sight. They inked the seminal pact. The scarlet harlot and the shining knight
  9. In my family, we all write. It's annoying
  10. I got her name 'Josephine' tattooed across my chest. And then she left me....
  11. She wrote the people she knew best.
  12. Prompts for from : ink, ilk, irk. Pls RT.
  13.  some poets 
    & their ilks 
    irk and are 
     their keyboards 
    should be watered 
  14. Prompts for > Ink, Ilk, Irk RT and fire up those neurons!


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