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Wednesday, April 03, 2013


  1. all settled. a covenant. she opens her hand; her aphoristic life slips through her fingers to the raging storm outside her window.
  2. She wrote in chalk on the ground that she'd remember him forever. As she walked away, the storm wiped out the words, bit by bit.
  3. I see the storm coming forth, waiting to devour. I close my eyes, face the skies. Bring it on, bitch. You've finally met your match.
  4. Oh this little might of mine. Just won't let me whine. Chalks it up as crime. Tells me I am fine. Words aren't worth a dime.
  5. Open thy window to yer heart, m'lady, Perchance I see thy storm within, I may well bring you to water, But cannot make thee drink
  6. chalk it to experience, beta, life goes in circles. storms can be experienced from either side of the window. go tell her u miss her.
  7. thanks prompts for aphorisms,chalk circle, window,storm. tagging for TS481. prev here:
  8. A crow on the balcony watched rangoli patterns in the courtyard fade away in the relentless rain. Art is one of nature's windows.
  9. aphorisms,chalk circle, window,storm please join our small circle. follow previous hash for an idea
  10. aphorisms,chalk circle, window,storm RT please. tagging for TS481


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