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Saturday, March 16, 2013


  1. Adonis is dumb, & then some. Four months with Persephone, four with Aphrodite, & four with me, when I empty his mind of the other two
  2. vacant eyes stare at you trying to recognize the Man she once knew the heart shrieks the brain is numb nothing begets nothing
  3. Adonis is a ranked contender to fight for a vacant IBF title on his way back into contention against Khan.
  4. their eyes were dull / their heads were flat / they had no brains at all - The Man from Iron Bark AB Paterson
  5. Vacant Adonises. Because sometimes I need armcandy that wont disagree with what I say.
  6. charles and diana had a vacant expression when they learned their lover james was bi. james was content.
  7. All perfection ever known, shines bright yet set in stone. His face. His grace. A man I call Pygmalion.
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  9. He fought with her. She packed her bag and quietly left. He thought, what's the point of being Adonis if desired one is not there?
  10. You combat with traffic, reach office to find that your favorite parking place is vacant. You can now face Monday blues like Adonis.
  11. You can't take back what you've taken away. Somethings,they just go missing though you still look the same and I still feel the same.
  12. The studio apartment was just one big empty space awash in white; he liked white. Smashed photograph frames remained on the floor.
  13. the debacle ended wth a vacant spot in her heart.he smiled in victory for he was the god that never lost, she knew nothing but loss
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