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Friday, March 15, 2013


  1. "We shall choose to be despicable," the eldest tribesman declared. The media and the "alms", both came readily.
  2. The Sun and its planets are held together by a faith called gravitation. There hardly is any despicable force that can alter this.
  3. her acquiescence to continue as if nothing had happened ... was a deal with the devil ... she lived on faith it would not implode!
  4. They had faith in each other&each was indispensible to the other's happiness.Union,however,is not assured by such trivial incidences.
  5. Inspite of the hatred, they lived together. Sure of one's potential, neither wanted to spare the other of the wrath of togetherness.
  6. Friday's usually the chosen day for a breakdown; the numbnuts unite fanatically & protest in mindless mayhem, burning and plundering.
  7. unity, faith, despicable? that is the working title for a docu drama starring baitullah mahsud and osama bin obama
  8. Hahaha buhat hi ala. RT : Yes, we can! Thus, began the journey to mutual self destruction.
  9. Yes, we can! Thus, began the journey to mutual self destruction.
  10. thanks prompts for unity, faith, despicable tagging for . prev TS anthos here
  11. if humans as a mass had the ability to move mountains, we'd not be in the mess we are today. likely, we'd still be in the trees
  12. courtesy And I declare my faith:/ I mock Plotinus' thought/ And cry in Plato's teeth...
  13. keeping true to the unities, Sacrifice, The Biography is an explosive if short film
  14. 'I am so bored'. "Oh hey. Let's burn that Christian village together!"
  15. despite you bring despicable I have held onto you with all my faith. I wonder at the worth
  16. On the Seventh Day, he rested and let his minions do his work.


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