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Saturday, March 09, 2013


  1. All my life I whispered to my love, locked in an orchid, with all these flowers that arrange their petals in primes.
  2. It was love she'd aspired for, not the lashes of defamation. And certainly not corporal punishment.
  3. It was deathly grip with which he suffocated his love; the punishment was long due & any delay wouldve just served to weaken resolve.
  4. in love, calm longevity means more than garlands or dog house trips.
  5. A rookie mistake had him castigated. How easy to forget the garlanding with praise, not so long ago! Moses said no to fame!
  6. thanks again:) prompts for punitive/ garland/ babe tagging for prev anthos here
  7. the child handed the Emperor a flower and said, 'excuse me sir, but you are naked.' for her sins, she was hanged
  8. She thought she couldn't take it anymore. So she did it. Cut off from the world by a single pull of the rope.
  9. He hung down my neck. A reminder to who I was.


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