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Monday, March 11, 2013


  1. "Fresh air, free food, clean water. Yes, we'll have to fight for it." Newbies shed tears of sorrow, oldhands of remorse. And yet.
  2. Something about artistic genius is surely feminine.
  3. The bulbuls thought they possessed the garden. When Autumn approached, it took away all the flowers without their consent.
  4. the artist had stopped painting pigeons or horses. his canvasses had 'la ilaha' calligraphy in various styles (there's no god..)
  5. what colour are the scars on soul? crimson or deep blue? the doves or the nightingales are unhelpful.
  6. Peace creates meaning in the moment turning warrior into monk, stopping to smell the flowers he once trampled.
  7. The dove that killed spring brought on the warring seasons.
  8. Doves turned violent, spring turned into grey skies,angry clouds. ultramarine were ultra thug- cries muffled. Loud fiendish laughter!
  9. this was all wrong but she did not know how to make it right..the intense pain kept her alive and she loved life for the pain
  10. adjusting her top & touching up her make-up, she eyed her prey ... it was man-hunting season
  11. curled tight, i wait to be released; to unfurl the full spectrum of my colours
  12. seasons change not for I. mine keep getting intense and beautifully crimson with pain. the deeper the pain the more intense my season
  13. just use the hashtag of the day along with what you write, like today
  14. spring was never an option. change never came.they lived embraced as if any parting with pain would destroy their bonding
  15. the 'unfair fight' is a human tradition. had David had a choice between a stone & a drone, he'd have chosen the drone
  16. John Woo could woefully do with a song to sing in spring. The bird heard what everyone knew: magic mermusic. Bringing him to life.
  17. Here t's always winter, I am a corpse, I am the corpse of a dog, My name is Red, It is I...I master...
  18. It was always spring in his dreams, and there was peace. He was programmed to sleep like that, oblivious to the sounds of war.
  19. Sound as music, his pride had dove's feet - it smelled of hyacinths in her hair and looked like lapis in the necklace she wore.


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