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Thursday, March 07, 2013


  1. sunday morning would find Louis XV spooning his mistress like a child's puzzle piece
  2. the paradox of evolving language - in the 1700's a man in a wig was considered gay; by the 2000's he still is.
  3. kill the wear that hair rules.. I want to run out with my wild head and wear it proud.. Stare all..stare one.
  4. little did she know her jealousy had no limitations.. she hummed as she poured a stiff dollop of chemical in his hair dye..
  5. Have my share off, that's what I'm gonna do. Peace by piece, here by hair, till my head is a doorknob, and the dead eat at hobnob
  6. It fell and fell. A well of hell, a snowflake shell. Look closer. Everything isn't simple.
  7. Bad hair day, my world's falling apart, so bloody humid, I have nothing to wear, nobody loves me... did he really mean what he said?
  8. Before pocketing his comb, the apparition buzzed a little ditty (sumpin' bout a "downed hog"). Astonished passers-by fell to pieces.
  9. pissing the missing/ nihari eating bihari/ the drayng bonkey/ making mife liserable/ darn gaddictive ames
  10. thanks : Prompts for spoonerism, pompadour, tetris effect tagging for .
  11. Hair dishevelled, his words created their own noise, fitting no category. To the world, he was mad. To him, they were still apes.
  12. A place for everything and everything in its place. Haste wakes mates. Also,hair today,gone tomorrow!
  13. the sad troubadour/ with the pompadour/ bares his bad soul/ with an empty bowl @Shiringul@wardasaif
  14. Read too many fairy tales & soon you're huffing up your pair, fighting the bowl feast, strutting your stuff & hearing bedding wells
  15. Prompts for spoonerism, pompadour, tetris effect || Pls to RT


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