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Thursday, March 14, 2013


  1. It was high tide, perfect night to drown in the ocean. She dragged the chest containing skeletons of the past & shoved it off a cliff
  2. sea turtles make nest on the beach. land turtles make no bones about it. sharks are ambivalent, as they have no bones.
  3. emotional high tide ... nestled in a relationship ... now stripped to the bone ... carcass remains ... c'est la vie
  4. : do not indulge the rape victim. the lava of revenge in her body would fill oceans and destroy your dwellings
  5. One flew east, one flew west; one lies buried in a treasure chest. | RT
  6. The world seemed like an endless ocean, and she was a bird fallen out of nest. Her cold loneliness sent shivers down her spine.
  7. The ocean like embrace from her would ignite his bones. Finding a nest was the obvious aftermath of this incidence.
  8. A sea of emotions...nested within her ribcage...playing havoc with her sanity.
  9. One flew east, one flew west; one lies buried in a treasure chest.
  10. The turbulent ocean swept away their cosy nest and all they were left with were a few broken bones...remnants of their lost future!
  11. The body swung. So they flung. Down in the deepest of blues. The sharks will welcome a miserable old bastard back home.
  12. she shifted closer 2 his warmth.the ocean lashed in the distance.she shivered @ th coldness beside her,nestling herself 2 nothingness
  13. Prompts for : ocean, nest, bone. Pls RT.


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