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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


  1. a kink in time / a shift in shape / a mumbled word / does not a fact make
  2. Staring at the sun was fun, when eyes could wrinkle and twinkle and glow. The shiny orb was beaming or angry, who could ever know.
  3. Dr Ashrafi was the first person to observe the growth kinetics of binary diffusion couples on the 24th floor studio apartment.
  4. The glasses clinked. Their bodies swayed to the music. He knew it was an odd place, but precisely there he solved a chemical reaction
  5. the wrinkles around the beggar woman's eyes was not some barometric weather map. it hinted of lost smiles.
  6. Crinkled chips have a more fattening effect to some bodies than others. There's a scientific reason to it. The ridges have more fat.
  7. That scientific invention crinkled. The body stiffened with beads of sweat on the temple. She knew the evil has taken over the good.
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  9. TheCrinkledTwitchBetweeenTheBrowsShowsThePlacesSheHasBeen.TheBloodSheSpewedThePainSheEnduredOnlyToBeAloneInThisMoment...
  10. The crinkling of a chocolate being discreetly unwrapped can always be heard, whether audible or not. My daughter is proof of this.
  11. FleshWithoutBonesWithout TraceWithoutAgeWithoutProofThat TimeHadVisitedSheProddedWithTgeKnivesTheSerumsAndYouthHeFlirtedToEvadeIt
  12. The wrinkled sheets spoke of her; & her scent seemed to linger on forever after she was gone... how her presence teases him still.
  13. Have they started giving botox on the buttocks?
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