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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Even in 10000 BC the ladies daydreamed of McHotties and McSteamies while nibbling on dates, lying on chaise lounges
masters of the senses, servants to the beyond - over time we learn little from ourselves.
Pakistan Manual for Sex - Step Six: you were finished at Step Three
the MC who was also the DJ, upon receiving news of baby moses' escape, looked at the pharoah, & played 'achcha tou hum chaltay haiN'
Deciding the name was one major step.They finally settled for Mc DonAald.It turned out a success.
A PTI supporter will carry invectives on his face, a TTP in his heart, an MQM in his gut and a PPP in his butt.
thanks : prompts for : "MC," "BC," "Chay." Tagging for . prev anthos here
MC,BC poachers compelled endangered species to involuntary incest and inbreeding
"A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction." And, of course, a saucy tongue and spicy tea.
She bent over with pain as she entered the kitchen. The Bundling Constraint of Menstrual Cramps asked for some ginger & cinnamon Chai
Everything is permissible under the protection of this hashtag.
A man who loves 1000 BC and hates Punjabi MC deserves a hashtag of his own.
RT The well-known MC wore a t shirt which read Captain BC in Comic Sans. His chay shirt was in the wash.
: MC Chay Guevara tonight at Club Indus 2500 BC, Cliftonia 90210...Be there!
prompts for : "MC," "BC," "Chay." Tagging for Pl RT


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