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Friday, December 14, 2012


"ennui filmaan na wekho, es brie da khatama kero", said the Punjabi dude as he read about "twee-light's" premier
She had to spend her afternoons baking dainty treats for her sweet tooth. Bree was a desperate housewife, and she wasn't satisfied.
Serving a wheel of brie was becoming tedious, specially when our Dutch host was numbering the portions loudly, "een, twee, drie..."
typo correction- word games with cheese balls: ee, eee, bee, tea, tee, wee, (willie), weep, tweep, twee, twi. kwa? yes
word games with a cheese balls: ee, eee, bee, tea, tee, wee, (willie), weep, tweep, twee, twi. kwa? yes
Years went by but the stage never really opened up for him. Ashamed of his sentimentality, he ate all his stories and bought a TV.
Cheese&Wine were looked down upon till they released Boy w/ a LoinCloth.They became more popular w/ teenyboppers thereafter
If only peace could be restored to the chaotic soul it would learn to enjoy the myriad miracles of the senses at its disposal.
tired am i of the cream cheese filling the heads of most, and bored with the twaddle it dribbles out
thanks prompts: ennui, twee, brie. tagging for prev. anthos here
Forensic fictions were her addiction, the hours simply went by without life interfering.
Now that he was stuck in a cam boot, bored with life, twitter story got him excited. What next? A cheese sandwich, he thought.
Today she looked forward to nothing... But she smiled at her reflection as she slipped on her mother's old ring.
afternoon tea always arrived 3 pm sharp, served on white doilies. how tedious, thought Norman
How can cruelty be inflicted so routinely that it becomes the norm?
How could the universe know it needed to go easy on her and not do it?
Efface your sensibilities, while he is at his most fetid, don't step over your tears as you retire, it will soil the ceramic tilings.
It looks. As if. It's the sweet dream of milk, realized. But it fails. To dance on my palate. As if. I am. Surrounded in mold.
as I eat a brie and turkey sandwich and smoke; out of sheer boredom at 6 30 AM. enchanting!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha...
prompts: ennui, twee, brie. i hereby pass the baton to the enchanting for


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