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Saturday, December 15, 2012


at the pitch of passion, she'd slit their throats. that way, the relationships never soured.
"Kya bakwas hay!!!", screamed the tycoon's teenage daughter, "Ttumharay is jazz kay signal he naheen aatay. Get a thuraya like baba!"
Didn't want to repeat past mistakes.But it was a small price to pay for resolving daddy issues.Although he hated jazz.
He stepped into the school and began to shoot. The jazz continued to play, and people continued to blame the gun.
A conservative often used to turn up his nose at himself for scorning his begetter.
In purgatory,Carl Jung & Freud watch 'Chicago' and categorize the acts into the Oral,the Anal,the Phallic,the Latent & the Genital
my father abhorred me with an intensity he'd only ever felt for louis armstrong.
I find you enchanting, he said. It was code. She looked for a sign. The music was all they had in common.
Prompts for from the lovely : deep hatred, jazz, unresolved daddy issues. Pls RT.
thanks prompts are 'deep hatred' 'Jazz' 'unresolved daddy issues.' Tagging for
"Don't blow your own bloody trumpet!" she snapped at him.
prompts are 'deep hatred' 'Jazz' 'unresolved daddy issues.' Tagging for


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