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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


It wasn't a favour, it was a negotiated deal. There cold in their hearts starker than the heat of the salamander.
Once the great Alexander/got hold of a dead salamander/he did himself a favour/and added some flavour/to its soup - using coriander
Throat beating visibly, Sal, the lizard, looked in panic at the chattering boys and nudged her to scurry. ‘Trespassers!’ he swore.
NF humored him with persiflage. Recovering from a trauma, he felt indebted
She found his glossy sheen alluring, but his constant chatter was unbearable. Every time she cut him off, he would grow another tale.
The conversation always went around in circles,the finality of goodbye too much to bear.She left no letter, but tears stung her eyes.
while not the flavour / it is a saviour / quick & lean / it keeps your house clean
He offered her a world of words unspoken. It was a lot to ask. Though silence burned inside her like a fire, she did not want to run.
the banality of his conversation was matched only by the beigeness of his appearance. she prayed he'd disappear all together
Prompts for from : favour, palaver, salamander. Pls RT.
the construction workers took a break, loitered or smoked and gossiped while the salamander heated the building
thanks prompts: favour; palaver; salamander tagging for prev. anthos here
prompts: favour; palaver; salamander tagging for @fizarup pls RT


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