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Monday, November 19, 2012


She wished he'd taste of peppermint when she kissed her one true love. As this guy smelled of garlic, she started her lian quan tao
ironies abound. after kungfu, peppermint tea, his other love was brahms.
Peppermint candy and kung-fu movies - the two things that he couldn't stand after breaking up with his 'true love'. What a crock.
true love (making) owes more to locale and music and less to aura and gymnastics, wrote the lyari cassanova.
it was the parry and thrust that they did best/the tingly fresh of her breath on his chest/what it was was real, but would it last?
When pepper spray and kung-fu moves replaced minty fresh and sweet caresses- he knew, theirs was a love truly gone sour.
They fought over the last piece of peppermint candy. They didn't even like peppermint. I guess that's true love: insane.
The dancing is what he hated about her the most.
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Those Hong Kong films while having peppermint flavoured dark chocolate. That was his true love!
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I love the blues that you carry around with you/they always make you look so defenseless/I smile as I unwrap the peppermint candy
distractions of arabian spices & latino herbs has not tamed the middle dragon that lurks in the minds of the land of opportunity
You held me down, as sure as the sun/but then I let you.For what is love if not something that sweeps you away and shatters your soul
the kung foo sing, it's the real thing ... "Regurgitator - Kong Foo Sing" on Vimeo
The writer was whimsical. She preferred spearmint over peppermint, false hatred over true love and martial arts over marital ones.
the cheap cologne was no defense against his pickled garlic breath. his love remained unrequited
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