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Sunday, November 18, 2012


one word to describe turning civilians into fighters and terrorists: Gaza:
Artillery stopped. Belching black, the Torkham Express was beautiful in its pre-modernity. The mountains echoed a welcome iron chug.
'Language is the cracked pot on which we beat out tunes for bears to dance to, while we long to wring tears from the stars.' Flaubert
Big buicks on 9 Coral Road. Drug dazed kings pounding pounding on our table. Hard as they are able. Boom boom boom.
The crème brûlée was a perfect finish to the holiday dinner.The hint of nutmeg still resonated.On her palate.Her breath.Her bum-burp
as we dance around possibility / amiability leading to compliancy / our combustability grows
Irregularly, the rhythmic pulse of many beaten drums seeps across the night ...The Five Senses of Lahore
He passed gas between the sheets. The percussion woke the baby, and it was my turn to stay up with her. Clever bastard I fell for.
The roar they heard came from a great distance. The woman in the white tower, eyes now open, began to beat the drums of her betrayal.

D sound boomed through d hall / orchestra kept playing & he completed d song / after all in China it is polite to eruct at d table.
"I WAS POINTING AT THE SCUBA TANK!" I yelled as Brody fired uselessly at the drum set he'd wedged between the shark's snapping jaws.
when he proposed, her reaction was unexpected. eyjafjallajökull's eructation boom was mild in comparison. he was floored
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Prompts for : boom, percussion, eructate. Tagging for . Please RT


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