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Saturday, November 17, 2012


@lahorigori in a heavenly pub, the caliph ribbed the pope over purgatory, 'so you sold them hell-lite?' #TS344

: three prompts are given daily. weave a yarn around it. search for today. around midnight, we'll do
‘Being blown to pieces and reassembled for more until Allah relents’ wasn't part of Darvesh’s sermons unlike the superstar mullahs’.
‘I swear by the shooting star like God himself that a believer in his oneness will go to heaven', declared Darvesh, the monotheist
sinking in a sea of vanity, the child star lost her way. it was found again on the door step of Betty Ford
I am no darvesh. I got hurt, I got nothing in return. 'I' still is important. Love was a sham.
lights of heaven swirling down / precede your every move / my supernova, my child
Some revolutions have the creationists lined up and facing the wall. Those happen, exclusively, in fiction.
RT : Meteor showers happen when the Earth plows through debris shed by a comet.
The king of dreams and the queen of hearts went spinning through the skies. True love; this will not end well.
on the dune, with meteors dancing, the darvesh said, 'son, marriage can be a blessing for some and purgatory for others.'

"limitless can burn themselves to make for a spectacle,wish for what u want,the shooting star is just a reminder",darvesh replied.
As Saadi sang in earlier ages, "some are far distant, some are dead".
thanks Prompts for Purgatory, Darvesh, Shooting-star. previous TS anthologies here:
'You must be my lucky star, coz you shine on me wherever you are.' Madonna
'In the driest, whitest stretch of pain's infinite desert, I lost my sanity and found this rose.' Rumi
"This kiss will earn you a year in purgatory, darvesh." "I'm past care, light of my life; may this passion burn me like a meteorite."
Prompts for Purgatory, Darvesh, Shooting-star by Please RT.


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