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Monday, April 01, 2013


  1. My jalebis you've taken / So I'll unleash the kraken / Or strangle you with my iron fist / Ah, I think you get the gist
  2. Someone twisted the words and told Popeye that he'd get more iron from munching kraken than from spinach. Another Aprill Fool's prank
  3. The iron-pills turned out to be fertilised kraken eggs and now you're pregnant, craving monster sized jalebis.
  4. Oh how I love your twisted ways. But the monster will be ignored for now... I'm still chained and your words are still sugar laced.
  5. They made kraken meat jalebis. They made faces & boasted the dish had lots of Iron. Then they puked during the commercial break.
  6. iron will needed to resist fresh squid with a zest of lemon and freshly fried jalebi. Excerpt from call me, fatty!!
  7. how could i not love thee with vales, hills, curves the smile to die for & subterranean sugary rivers o jalebi mine;)
  8. iron man to woman: with all your curves & turns and twists you are no straight person but i love your sweetness jalebi mine
  9. Come dove, Tangle me in your love, Like a squid, All soft & squishy Sweet like a jalebi
  10. "kaka, adha kilo jalebi, dasti! "-the kraken twirls into action, tentacles a blur, steely eyes watching each iron pot,pan and hide
  11. Love thyself. You're made out of love. You're fried in love. Drowned in love. The love of syrup.
  12. I am on a diet, Jalebi. You shall not pass.
  13. Bubbling, swirling tentacles that wrap around you, squeezing till the arteries burst. Iron will be damned; bring on the cholesterol!
  14. am putting these up as prompts: iron; kraken; jalebis; tnx @Gibbyk121h Tagging for pls RT


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