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Monday, March 18, 2013


  1. An event lit by moonlight. Beginnings of horrible memories for the plant. A caterpillar made circular paths in all the flower buds.
  2. "Remember", screamed the lunatic caterpillar,"When curled in a circle, you start where you end". That's how the bird found & ate him.
  3. 'go, sulk in memories by the moonlit lake & write poetry or erase me from your thoughts and be your selfish self,' she said
  4. Moonlight broke through the autumn leaves, the light & dark playing with her.The reverie was the same,just more perfect than reality.
  5. 'I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.'
  6. deep in a wormhole, light-less & space-less, hides the only memory of the beginning
  7. the sound of boots / a moonlit night / endless screams / memories silenced repeatedly
  8. looking for his leila / he traveled EWNS/ over plains & seas/ finally grey haired/ & tired he rested/ under the (same) peepul
  9. His memories were his present. The moonlight capturing a life, slowly, coming full circle.
  10. sustaining umbilical cord/ cut and replaced with starry dogmas/ journey from womb to grave/unending, circular journey
  11. thanks circular paths, caterpillar,moonlight, beginnings, memories.tagging for .
  12. & all the nights magic seems to whisper & hush / & all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush
  13. How can they not see, a walk of thousand tiny feet? Pitter patter, chitter chatter. Have they forgotten they all descended from ants?
  14. Hawkmoths, moonlight, creepers, song, silence, root and branch - our comings and our goings, and everything in-between.
  15. circular paths hve no endings.what the caterpillar calls the end-the Master calls the beginning; don't bury memories. rejoice in pain
  16. Somnambulating a closed-time-like-curve on the Mandelbrot set, nothing is as it were, nothing as it seems, and everything is the same
  17. the child's 2nd joke was while we were stuck behind a slow driver - what are ya, a caterpillar? she yells - enlightened at 3 yrs old
  18. circular paths, caterpillar,moonlight, beginnings, memories. PL Re-tweet 2 all. tashakur.
  19. Let's do that dance tonight. Where we skip today and spin around the days gone by&where we crawl to the sugary promise of tomorrow.


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