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Thursday, December 20, 2012


grade 3 students performed the khattak dance with candy swords. innovation worked
like Pavlov's dogs, we slobber at choreographed violence; only to find ourselves sickened, kicked and raw with the surfeit
what mad delights and wretched doldrums conduct the dance of my life
The clock can not dance to a sweet song, but a can can
Kubrick scandalised the lit./cine world when he casted the characters of Alex&Lolita together in his version of MoulinRouge
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a can can foxtrot watches on the hot spot
The subtle lifting and manipulation of her skirts to the tune set into motion a series of sweet but unfortunate events
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What pretty name, and our barcode is the same, body golden ratio, lips made for fellatio, but your version#3, a little better than me
She pulled a fluffy piece of the blue cotton candy and thought to herself, 'Empathy is your will fall every time.'
She loved sugarcoating the truth; it kept the dance going on.
The conversation ended and began and ended. Their game was sweeter for its hopelessness.
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Time doesn't matter to me anymore. Why sugarcoat everything? I know I won't ever be able to walk, let alone take the stage.
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