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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


MT : stirring read on life, death & unconditional love Reminds me of Montaigne
Perhaps Antigone knew she could affirm her tragic life with death alone, and so, like music, she sailed past her own senses.
Delighted at the thought of a new morning, she kept on packing her bags as he walked into the room and said, "the kid stays".
Love, for him, was not the music of life. Love is grief n pain, he as a eudaemonist believed.
She exhaled at last. The candle went out. Her life was as it was, a walking shadow, a tale full of sound and fury, signifying nothing
The song is the same no matter who sings. When words are written there is no undoing them. Things change, things die.
Beautiful prompts for from : eudaimonia, tragedy, music. Pls RT.
Lyrics confused him. Euthanasia? Eudaimonia? Either way, he'd be doing her a favour. So he pulled the plug. "You die, Mona."
The music swelled and crashed. Relaying a better tale of tragedy than her sobs.


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