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Thursday, November 15, 2012


: how times change: from quill to ink pot, to manual typewriters and laptops. and some writers still write badly.
thanks Prompts for : bonfires, addict, blue. Tagging for !
She inhaled the smoke rising off the bonfire,& used it as an excus to act stoned & flirty.But mostly,as an excuse to act like herself.
i feel your thoughts curlicue my body. these helixes must meet.
prompts: calamari, zeitgeist, coincidence (thnx ) tagging for pls RT
The workaholic set up a bonfire and tossed her files and work computer into it. Blamed it on Monday blues
He was an addict who had a trick / sky witnessed the fry / barbecue and the bonfire / all the deal for one last meal.
I can feel you, in the rising tide. Can you feel me by the fire side?
out of the blue, a taste of your favourite drug reminds you of the loss endured when the flames of passion once consumed you.
Prompts for #TS342: bonfires, addict, blue. Tagging @kanimay for #TS343! RT and have fuuuun!


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