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Friday, December 21, 2012


Roses are red, Ashes are grey, Got him into trouble, His free speech foray
All talk and no listen makes you happy, but me ashen
he tried all the 51 shades, tricks in kamasutra, the perfumed garden and more to woo her. she acquiesced only when he quit - smoking.
Surely this has been done but... I seek a friend for the end of the world :'(.
Sunken eyes are prohibited at daybreak, bodily scars must be hidden at all times, midnight deliriums are rewarded with extra pills.
thanks prompts: filibuster; ashen; bliss prev. anthologies of TS here
in the pilloried halls of power, the vilified petrify the ideal with their inertia
light my fire with wild abandon, waste no time on honeyed words
Her face drained of color;the eyes of life.The soul was finally set free;homebound.But there will be hell to pay before eternal bliss
It grieved her when people started conversing after main course. It seemed like an obvious obstructionist tactic in way of dessert
he killed time even though he understood, its innate immortality. Perhaps he knew camus, the absurdity of destruction
She killed time even though she understood its value. Perhaps she knew happiness would leave destruction in its wake.
Prompts for from : filibuster, ashen, bliss. Pls RT.


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