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Sunday, March 03, 2013


  1. O stars and skies of the night / And the full moon together // Ye cannot rival for one hour / The fluorescent bulbs this weather.
  2. "Thank my lucky stars my dad was a butterfly or I'd have to kamikaze into this wonderful flame like a mere moth," the larva reflected
  3. Drawn & pulled. Resistance dying, he succumbed to that spellbinding affinity until annihilated & consumed by that lightning
  4. Fluorescent plastic is cool.I can touch it on the wall without fear of stumbling down frm the heavens &it doesn't turn moths to ashes
  5. broken dreams: said a moth to another, 'forget about stars, you are just a moth not a nasa spaceship.'
  6. You would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep...
  7. RT : A nocturnal creature, she always thought the sun shone much too bright for some reason.
  8. Hope runs blind, justice trampled, every city burns and lands all crawl with maggots
  9. What but design of darkness to appall? / If design govern in a thing so small ... Frost
  10. Once he was young & passionate when he stretched to reach out for the stars.Now the fire has dampened & moth swallowed by the flame.
  11. She smiled.She smiled him a soul.Through the hundred thousand wounds he had given her,she still smiled him her soul.And bedazzled him
  12. Moth eaten & ruined, her abject existance refused to deny his love that made her core glow & radiate in sheer reflection
  13. thanks Prompts for : fluorescent, moth, stars. any volunteers for ?
  14. The slap resounded within her soul, leaving florescent stars behind closed lids in its wake. Iss zindagi se moth sahi.
  15. Loud, noisy, painful. Drawn to you like a moth to a flame. Here till your fluorescent soul oozes out and blinds me.
  16. Somebody with sparks flying off their skin.
  17. Prompts for : fluorescent, moth, stars. Pls RT.


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